How to Become a Licensed Fence Contractor

The pathway to becoming a licensed fence contractor can lead to a useful and practical career. While anyone can plant a fence post, it is important to have the right training to get the job done right. Formal training can help you to become more marketable and trusted when offering your services to clients. When you are a licensed contractor, there are additional benefits. If problems happen during your installation, such as an accident due to incorrect placement, organizations that you can be licensed under such as the American Fence Association provide training to avoid these situations.

Licenses for contractors usually fall under the category of general construction rules in your town or city. A great first step is to contact your local government to make sure you are familiar with requirements and additional steps that will allow you to use your contractor’s license. You may need a general business license if you wish to start a company to offer your services, and along with your license, you will need to obtain a bond as well as OSHA certification. There are different rules depending on where you live, and your local licensing bureau will give you answers about what permits and licenses you will need to begin your work.

After determining what the requirements are, you should seek out some sort of formal training to begin. Contractor certification programs are offered at local community colleges or trade schools.

For a fencing contractor, most of the classes will revolve around fencing and wall design. These will be based on being able to draw accurate plans of projects as well as provide the skills necessary to complete a proper installation. There are great easy to find programs that will offer you what you need to get your license. One of these programs is called Contractors Intelligence School, and both in-class and online options are offered (link: ). Another option to learn the trade is to work for an experienced fencing company or small business. By shadowing someone that knows the work, you will learn the ins and outs of being able to install fencing safely and efficiently.

Moving forward with becoming a fence contractors tampa you will need to make sure you have obtained the correct license and the proper bond insurance. Most contractors that install fences will have different types of bond and insurance requirements than those that perform large and more extensive construction tasks. While the training can be similar, it is possible to focus on fencing and wall installation when looking for trade programs. Online programs are generally geared towards general construction. .

By making sure you know the right steps to becoming a fencing contractor, it will be a smooth process to starting your career. You will have the right formal training and licensing and will have the option to start your own company or work for a more experienced company. Either way, you will be able to land jobs to practice your trade and offer experienced services.